Regina Moya

Author + Painter

Regina Moya is a Mexican writer and artist that lives in San Antonio, Tx. She has actively contributed with her literature work and plastic art mainly in San Antonio, Mexico and New York City in the past sixteen years.

Some good words

Regina Moya is a genuine treasure. Her art expresses and enhances the broader cultural heritage of these Americas and is finely tuned to the sensory experience of her public. I have witnessed her work in ink, paint, wood, tile, paper, sculpture and textile and am greatly impressed by her range and her depth. Her writing, visual art, commitment to her communities and intuition for innovation are stellar, and she is an excellent addition to any project or collaboration. ¡Que viva Moya!

– Dr Carmen Tafolla, Presient,
Texas Institute of Letters & Sate Poet Laureate of Texas 2015.


Counting Machine

World’s first real-time global Carbon Counter in Midtown, New York City displayed on a 69-foot billboard on Seventh Avenue and  33rd st outside Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, the digital number had been brought into being through a close collaboration between DeAM’s Deutsche Bank Climate Change advisors and scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Counting Machine book and Expo
The Gift of Water

The Gift of Water is a six minute animated film that talks about the importance of taking care of water in our planet.   It started out as a storybook that Regina Moya wrote and Illustrated for Fundación Kaluz, but instead of printing it in paperback, Fundación Kaluz decided to convert it into a short animated for film to cover a much a wider audience. The animated version was created in 2015 by SAE University including voices and original music.   The film has been showed in several conferences in Mexico including Ryan Hreljac´s conferences (Ryan’s Well Foundation) that took place in Mexico City in 2015, it has also been showed in schools and other water awareness related events.  It was translated to Portuguese and English.  


The Gift of Water is available in Spanish and English and may be used by anyone interested in showing it to children or adults for educational purposes.

Plastic Arts

San Antonio, TX – Woman

Cow on the Wall


San Antonio / USA – 2019

Woman Poertrait


San Antonio, TX – Carmen Tafolla – 2019

Recent Artworks