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My writing focuses in everyday life.  Common things, often food or cooking a recipe start out as the main theme, while making fun of myself and my circumstances, and slowly, become more profound reflections.  It often incorporates my Hispanic background and sometimes takes a critical view of social, cultural or political issues.   My visual artwork is heavily influenced by my Mexican roots, and I incorporate bright colors and mixed media techniques in my illustrations, paintings and sculptures.  Each project is very different from one another, I am always open to explore new territories. 

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Regina Moya is a writer and illustrator born in 1978.  She has published three novels, Memorias de Dos Mujeres Mexicanas, Donde Anidan las Palomas and Turkey Day.  Regina has written and illustrated two children book stories, The Counting Machine, commissioned in 2012 by Deutsche Bank and The Gift of Water, commissioned in 2013 by Mexican leading non-profit Kaluz, they both talk about environmental awareness.  The Gift of Water was converted into a short animated film.

Regina wrote The American Dream, a column in the AEM Magazine for seven years.

The Last Butterfly, is her latest children’s book, a story coauthored with Dr. Carmen Tafolla that will be published in 2021 by Flower Song Press.

Regina has worked for Gemini Ink as part of the WIC program and has taught several workshops in poetry and illustration in public schools, battered women’s shelters, juvenile detention centers and children’s migrant detention centers in San Antonio for several years.

In conjuction with Attic Rep, Trinity University and Mexican Cultural Institute in San Antonio she wrote Through the Wall, a play directed by Roberto Prestigiacomo presented at the Tobin Center during 2017 International Fest of Theater.


Visual Arts:

Regina created an altar to honor Emma Tenayuca in 2017 and 2018 displayed at Historic Pearl.

In 2018, Regina donated Sor Juana, an 8ft catrina for the Public Library of San Antonio that is now part of their private art collection.

In 2019, Regina was commissioned to create a giant skull as part of the displays for Day of The Dead.  She named it The Migrant.

She has created the awards for Texas Institute of Letters (2018, 2019, 2020) and Power of Preservation Society (2019), and American Association of Hispanic Higher Education AAHHE (2020).

She was commissioned to create the official image and medal for the 2020 King William Fair.

Regina has illustrated children’s books for local authors and paints personalized portraits and paintings from her home on commission.

Regina Moya Portrait
Regina Moya
La Peregrina Bus
Regina Moya Painting a Calavera

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