Okay, I admit that our return to San Antonio was not that bad.  I had a much worse time during the eighteen-hour roadtrip dreading the homeschooling that awaited, and really, it wasn´t at all what I had imagined.  I found out that the teachers worked hard the whole summer to get better organized.  There is […]

Yes indeed.  Everything has a beginning and everything has an end, and sadly, our vacation has come to an end.  I am writing in the car on my laptop computer.  I have eighteen hours to write this article, that is how long our way back to Texas from Colorado is going to be.   In

(Pasito a Pasito) I am writing floating in a pleasure nirvana because Isabel, my eight-year-old, is massaging my feet.  Yesterday, in her Covidian boredom, she asked me to buy her a pink nail polish and now she is very much into her new pedicure-lady mode.  She had not finished asking me… Mamá, can I do

I´m forcing myself to sit down and write just for the sake and discipline of it, because now that more and more people are getting infected and the curve is spiking up, it´s hard to focus my head in any other thought that does not include the word Coronavirus in it.  Isabel found a 500

The other day…well, the other day long, long ago, in the past era, I went to this conference where the speaker asked you to close your eyes and visualize yourself as the child you were.  Then, you had to ask that child if she would be happy with the grownup you are now.  I don’t

This is the last week of homeschooling, praise the Lord and all of his Saints! Mission Accomplished, one less battle.  However, like with all battles in life, this one brought it´s corresponding debris with it. Bipolar Disorder Homeschooling for me was an alien concept.  The only people that did it, I imagined belonging to an

I would have loved to start with a… my anger has passed, my resignation is over.  I have reached the Nirvana!  Well, I’m afraid I have to inform you that no, I have not yet arrived at the so called more “zen” stage of grief.  I continue being a sourpuss and I don’t see it

Today at HEB this moron addressed me saying… Excuse me, sir.  Oh, come on!  Really?  I lit up like a match.  I gave him a deadly look.  My offender didn´t even bother to look at me again.  Then, reflected in one of the dark windows where the offices are, I indeed saw a subject with it’s face all covered, wearing loose

My husband accuses me of exaggerating every story when I tell it.  What do I think?  I think he’s just jealous because deep inside, he knows that I’m a better storyteller than he is and he just making a tantrum about it.   Just to make sure he stays put this time, I called his uncle

This week I set the goal of meditating thirty minutes every day.  I desperately need to be in a more “zen” and less “deranged” frequency.  I need to create a “good atmosphere” in my home… Okay, whatever, so: day one, I failed.  Day two, I failed.  Mediocrely, I lowered and lowered the bar and by Wednesday those thirty minutes