Turkey Day


Regina, the author and main character of our story, is chased by her duties as a mother and homemaker, the transit authorities, Thanksgiving supper, her longing to write a new novel, and characters from stories written years ago. In the midst of all this confusion, she finds herself trapped in a world of the dead, filled with tasks to complete amid pained souls -punished and bored for eternity. This is how our heroin will “transmute” into bodies and spaces during her hilarious adventures that analyzes life, death, and the intertwining of two cultures throughout the Texas border land, where nothing is completely Mexican nor American.

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The Last Butterfly


In 2020, FlowerSong press announced the publication of The Last Butterfly, a children’s storybook coauthored by Regina Moya and Poet Laureate Dr. Carmen Tafolla.  Regina is currently working on the illustrations for the book.